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Encore Dreams, LLC
A fresh work-life balance in the second half of life
About Encore Dreams  

For years, many Baby Boomers allowed work to take precedence over other parts of their lives, and now they are approaching and passing traditional retirement age. As if on cue, economic necessity has combined with their work orientation to lead many Boomers to delay retirement, often considering new career opportunities. 

Some individuals still aspire to retire to leisure, as soon as practical, whereas others want to cut back on days or hours, in order to have more time for family, travel, or volunteering. What is fascinating, however, is the fact that an increasing number of Boomers are “retiring” in order to start new businesses, to prepare for an entirely new career in education or healthcare, or to explore a personal passion, such as turning their love of fine arts into a source of income.

Boomers bring energy, experience, and the desire to make a difference as they search for new ways to balance work and play. Extended life expectancy makes it practical to consider additional education or training, the establishment of new businesses, and new ways of defining jobs in the second half of life. In effect, Boomers are leading the creation of a new stage of life--an encore. 

Encore Dreams, LLC can help you explore and plan, as you consider options for your own encore dream. We see financial experts moving from the for-profit sector to work in nonprofits, and Boomers contributing significantly to the expansion of sustainable business and social entrepreneurship. We see individuals working as consultants, creating small businesses that build on hobbies, artistic talents, or other interests that take advantage of their strengths. When horizons expand to include our late 60’s and 70’s, the possibilities are remarkable.

Encore Dreams offers transition coaching to individuals who want support, as they plan for the future. We believe it is possible to re-think our priorities for work, recreation, family and friends, health and fitness, and giving back to our communities, in such a way that we build on our strengths and passions to move confidently in new directions.

Encore Dreams also partners with colleges, universities, and businesses that are interested in our Life Transitions Workshop. The Life Transitions Workshop is an excellent vehicle for exploring strengths and past success, as well as setting goals and creating action plans for the future.

As a consultant, Dr. Charles Bird, Founder of Encore Dreams, can work with colleges and universities to develop a thoughtful, focused strategy to serve this growing audience of mid- and late-career people. The Life Transitions Workshop is just the beginning. Many people will discover that they want additional education or training to prepare for their encore career, creating a natural niche for institutions to support and serve this interest. 

For example, business people may find that courses in nonprofit finance and management are of value, whereas others may want to learn more about entrepreneurship, fine arts, graphic design, and so on. Dr. Bird and his team have demonstrated success in creating innovative, successful programs in higher education, and they can work with institutions to develop program and marketing strategies.

Would you like to hear more about encore careers and why they are growing in popularity? Consider inviting Dr. Bird to speak at your conference or professional development event. He is an experienced, enthusiastic speaker on a variety of topics, with a passion for talking about encore careers, building cross-generational work teams, and entrepreneurship in higher education.  Find more information about Dr. Bird at www.drcharlesbird.com.   


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Dr. Charles Bird


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